Kate is part of an artist’s initiative to curate and show work in the home. After successfully opening her house in 2016 and 2017 for group exhibitions, a third open house exhibition is planned for July 6 – 8th 2018.   (facebook: fb.me/artopenhousegarden), and the same group will be showing work in the Gallery at St George’s in the autumn.



I paint unremarkable, peripheral places.  Sometimes people are present in the landscape, at other times merely traces, of journeys, of work; tracks, fences, litter.  These are paintings which look for beauty in the unexpected, the ordinary and the overlooked.

I am often struck by the muddy, fertile, difficult stuff I am walking through in the countryside, the tangles and mess underfoot, and the contrast with the lovely distant views of changing light and weather.


I want the paintings to convey space and light and the stuff of landscape, but in the process I am working with paint as a medium in its own right,  allowing accidents, and intervening when appropriate: putting paint on in layers, washes, dribbles etc, echoing the processes at work in ‘nature’.   Sometimes I use collaged bits of photographs in the paintings as a way of providing an area of sharp focus, like a half remembered glimpse of detail.

The studio is never tidy; when I am working I refer to photographs which end up over the floor; rags and brushes accumulate, paintings lie on the floor waiting for the drips to dry, others paintings are propped against the walls where I look at them from the corner of my eye.   I often rework, and change my mind.  I refer to photographs of several different places during the progress of a painting  which may take many months to complete and represents a distillation of experience and memory.


I studied at Brighton Polytechnic and the Royal Academy Schools in London.

After  leaving college I supplemented my income as an artist by teaching part time in further and higher education. Then I worked as a garden and landscape designer where the material you work also has a life and will of its own.  I currently live and work in Manchester.